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Public speaking generates WOM (quickly)

I gave a talk yesterday at the Direct Marketing Association annual convention. Today, I’m the #1 book in the direct marketing category on Amazon.  There were only 100 people in the room, and I bet at least half already had the book, so they must have told some friends.

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Barnes and Noble: Get into the community

Imagine if every company had someone in every town whose only job is to make customers happy. That’s what Barnes and Noble does with their very cool “Community Relations Managers.”  Most stores have one.  Their job: Host local events, handle special requests, and basically do anything that helps bring books into the community.  I love […]

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WOMMA Conference

You should be at this event.  There is no other place to learn so much about word of mouth marketing — and there is no other place to meet everyone in the business who matters. I’ll be giving a big lunch keynote. In 2007, this fast-moving and fluid industry heated up even more as social […]

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Five Moms: Are you helping people talk about your cause?

If you have a cause – you have one core action item:  Get people to tell their friends about you.  Everything else flows from that — ability to raise money, recruit volunteers, achieve your mission — everything. But most non-profits are boring.  Same cookie-cutter fundraisers, direct mail letters, etc. I love what Five Moms is […]

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A useful offline blogging tool

I’ve been using a new free tool from Microsoft called “Windows Live Writer”.  It lets you write blog posts when you’re online or offline. Half my blogging is done on an airplane, so this is a big deal. It has a lot of nice features, including the ability to add video, photos, etc.  You can […]

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How to make great eggs in 2 minutes

Here’s a little video of my recipe for Mug Eggs.  You can make the tastiest, fluffiest eggs in 2 min, with just a fork, a mug, and a microwave.  From my bachelor cooking days (long gone), where the #1 goal was to never dirty a utensil. Watch video

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How to make a fresh, chewy tortilla

Turn your stale, store-bought tortillas into a nice tasty one like you get at the burrito store. (Watch video)

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Pleasantly surprised

We moved into a new office last week, which means tons of trips to Best Buy and Circuit City. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of their customer service.  It has really improved recently.

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The Wheel of Yuck!

FlavorX is one of those great startup stories.  Their founder couldn’t get his kids to take their medicine, so he invented flavors that could be added to prescriptions.  Of course, it turns out that there was a huge market for this. Read this great 2003 article from Inc. about how founder Kenny Kramm did it. […]

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