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Zillions of free employees: Google Image Labeler

Google wants to add tags to all the gazillion images that they have indexed, to improve search results. So they’ve asked the public to sign on and help tag the photos. The genius part?  They’ve turned it into a video game. You get points for ideas, there’s head-to-head competition, and a top-score listing.  And it’s […]

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People like me

(As in "people such as myself") Some version of this phrase keeps popping up as the answer to the question "How do you decide what to buy?" What strikes me most is that "people like me" are strangers, not friends and family.  We trust the people who post a review on Yelp, who blog about […]

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Donate and get a little green PC

The One Laptop Per Child Foundation is having a very cool fundraiser.  Donate $399 and you’ll give one laptop to a child in a developing country and get one for yourself.  I really really want one of these, so I just made 3 donations.  (Don’t tell my wife.  My geek friends understand.)  It’s an amazing […]

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The power of a name

My 3-year-old wouldn’t get near “Water Wings.” But he LOVES “Water Muscles.” He also loves dried plums — formerly known as “prunes.” I really admire the creativity and success of the California Dried Plum Board to completely re-brand a fruit that we’ve know forever.  They actually had to get government approval: In 2000, the Food and […]

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Whole Foods: Missing the point

According to the WSJ: Whole Foods Market Inc.’s board, reacting to Internet postings by its chief executive, amended the company’s code of business conduct last week to sharply restrict online activities by the grocer’s officials. The new code bars top executives and directors from posting messages about Whole Foods, its competitors or vendors on Internet forums that aren’t sponsored by […]

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End the customer service cone of silence

Following up on my post last month: Making Customer Service Sharable … Zen Master says:  If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it … does it make a sound? My Dad says: If a bear craps in the woods … Andy says: If you have a great customer service phone call … […]

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Start reading your reviews

Are your products being reviewed online somewhere? Name the person on your staff whose job is to monitor them. Product reviews are the single most important influence on online purchases.  They are the last thing a shopper sees before making a purchase decision.  And 99% of companies don’t even bother to look at them.  Metrics-obsessed […]

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NetPromoter is a good thing

If you haven’t read "The Ultimate Question" by Fred Reichheld … you need to. It’s an important book for any size company.  It suggests a simple idea:  Take the percentage of happy customers that would recommend you. Subtract the unhappy customers that wouldn’t.  That gives you your "Net Promoter" score.  Higher score = more successful […]

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Fun: Wordcount

Check out this classic: Wordcount by Jonathan Harris. Fascinating.

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