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Deception in action: Reeds Jewlers and PayPerPost

Background:PayPerPost is a sleazy company that pays bloggers to write fake endorsements.  PayPerPost are the spammers of the blogosphere.  (Background here.) There is a ton of controversy around this method.  PPP claims that their bloggers all fully disclose that they are paid for the ads.  Not true.  If it happens, is so buried or fudged […]

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How word of mouth works

A great comic by Randall Monroe of (click to enlarge):

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Make it smaller: Microsites

The coolest marketing campaign can get lost in the a big corporate site. There is never enough room to get all the best stuff on the home page where everyone will notice it. (And you shouldn’t try. I’ve always admired a redesign of the IBM site by R/GA that still has fewer than 150 words on the […]

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Estrategia para inspirar el amor de los clientes

A strategy to inspire the love of your clients.That’s best summary yet of what word of mouth marketing is all about. That was the fantastic headline on the story in San Juan’s newspaper El Nuevo Dia after my speech to the Asociación de Ventas y Mercadeo (Sales and Marketing Executives) conference.  It was a wonderful, […]

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Recruit or Die

There’s an interesting new book called "Recruit or Die" by Chris Resto, Ian Ybarra, Ramit Sethi about how certain companies have a huge competitive advantage by mastering the college recruiting process. An interesting excerpt: Four keys to the recruiting power of companies like McKinsey, Microsoft and Goldman Sachs: 1. They won’t settle for anyone other than […]

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RSS Feed Reader — Your advice, please.

I’m losing control of all the blogs that I’m supposed to read.  I’ve tried Bloglines, Google Reader, Firefox, Newsgator, and Outlook 2007 (a disaster).  They all have some decent features, but not everything.My wish list: Easy to subscribe Organize into folders Read offline Read on Web Read on my Windows Mobile phone Feeds are synchronized […]

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How to become a word of mouth evangelist

Meet Ryan Rasmussen, the new Emerging Media Specialist at Levenger.  His job is to do all the cool social media stuff that we all talk about. He represents the company in social networks and Second Life. He schmoozes bloggers.  He encourages real consumers to help design and develop products. Basically, he does all those things […]

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What if Comcast impressed us?

Comcast is famous for downright crappy service.  Their horror stories are well-covered, blogged, and insane. But what would happen if they did something really great?  What if they blew us away with awesome features, fantastic service, and a wonderful experience? We still wouldn’t recommend them. The trust is over, forever.  Word of mouth is based […]

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Bob Garfield is blogging about word of mouth

Bob Garfield is one of greatest observers/critics of the advertising/media scene in his roles as Ad Age’s advertising critic and host of NPR’s On The Media. He’s also the funniest guy writing about marketing. Read his book. He started writing about the changes in consumer control in a ground-breaking column called "Listenomics" and followed up […]

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