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Loosen up

Here’s a great idea from John Seely Brown, former Chief Scientist for XEROX PARC. We met when co-keynoting at a Cisco conference.    When an organization goes out of its way to make sure that no idea leaks out, the consequence is often that no idea ever leaks in either.

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Does your staff really understand your customers?

Good service requires empathy — your people need to truly understand the needs and feelings of your customers.  It’s hard to do if you have minimum-wage employees delivering a luxury product to wealthy customers. That’s why I love what Four Season hotels do:  They let their housekeepers stay for free. From the May 5, 2007 […]

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Word of mouth for accountants

Ask an accountant, lawyer, or any other profession services firm where they get their clients, and they will answer "word of mouth." Ask them how that happens, and they shrug. Word of mouth marketing is an intentional series of actions designed to earn great conversations. Learn more in a three part series I wrote for […]

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I’m back!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts …. I’ve been on a whirlwind speaking tour. Met some amazing people:  VF Corporation, Hubbard One, Tech Data, and a bunch of smart people in Minneapolis. Stayed in some fancy hotels:  St. Regis Monarch Beach, W San Fran, and The Sundance Resort. Saw a deer on the porch […]

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