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Fun: Wordcount

Check out this classic: Wordcount by Jonathan Harris. Fascinating.

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Bathroom Blogfest

Did you know that it’s National Kitchen and Bath Month?  They have created the Bathroom Blogfest. A whole team of 23 great bloggers are writing about bathrooms and customer experience.  In four days, they have 46 inbound links from some very significant and well-trafficked blogs. YOU CAN DO THIS TOO.  It doesn’t matter what you […]

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How software-as-a-service companies could double their sales

I’m a big fan of software as a service — completely hosted business applications.  We are currently using TypePad,, Vertical Response, We’ll be adding Ning and Jivespace soon. The advantages are overwhelming: No hardware costs No IT department Security – they back up everything Instant, constant upgrades as they add new features Very […]

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Are your biggest fans able to defend you?

We all get negative word of mouth sometimes.  A bad review, an angry blog post, a comment in a message board. Most companies freak out and call out the PR army to defend their reputation.  Or they just freak out. There is better way.  You need to make sure your fans have the ability to […]

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eBay’s passionate community

eBay Live! is one of my favorite events of the year.  There is no event out there with more passion and energy.  It’s coming to Chicago this year, June 19-21.  Even if you don’t sell on eBay, you need to check out this event.  It’ll pump up your entrepreneurial juices. Here’s a video interview I […]

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Talkers: Who is spreading word of mouth about you?

Great word of mouth starts with finding your TALKERS — the people who are going to tell their friends about you.  Four big ideas about Talkers: 1. Talkers aren’t necessarily your best customers. Just because somebody buys from you doesn’t mean that they are the kind of person who likes to talk to their friends. […]

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Happy people at Zappos

I love the guys at Zappos.  They make lots of people happy. In my book I talk about their extraordinary 365-day return policy. But I really love this one:  Call their customer service number: 800-927-7671 Every day a different employee hosts the phone calls. Today (Halloween) you get singing: "Trick or treat, smell my feet, […]

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How to make air travel better

Flying sucks. You can make it better. Carry sound-proof earphones.  Not newfangled noise-canceling complicated things.  Earphones like rockstars use that block out 100% of  outside sound.  Specifically, these with these from Shure. They can block the sound of a crying baby pushing a lawnmower. Avoid complainers. Get as far away as you can from complainers. […]

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Sooner or later, you’re going to piss of the wrong person. Bob Garfield is the advertising critic for Ad Age and the host of NPR’s On The Media.  He’s got an army of loyal followers. Comcast, with it’s usual skill, managed to screw up his service, waste days of his time, and act like a […]

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