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Pleasantly surprised

We moved into a new office last week, which means tons of trips to Best Buy and Circuit City. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of their customer service.  It has really improved recently.

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The Wheel of Yuck!

FlavorX is one of those great startup stories.  Their founder couldn’t get his kids to take their medicine, so he invented flavors that could be added to prescriptions.  Of course, it turns out that there was a huge market for this. Read this great 2003 article from Inc. about how founder Kenny Kramm did it. […]

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Costco: Hope for peace in the Middle East?

Look very carefully at this photo.  What do you see? Three bitter competitors — Nestle, Hershey, and M&M — in the same bag. If Costco can make them play nice, they can make anyone. Let’s have be our envoys to the Middle East!

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CEOs shouldn’t blog

Overzealous blogger types get all uppity on the topic of corporate blogs.  They insist that a company hasn’t passed some unstated credibility test if their CEO isn’t blogging. I don’t think CEOs should blog. I would rather have the CEO of Dell working on faster computers and better service.  I want the CEO of American […]

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The funniest thing ever written on the Internet

  Wendy McClure’s 1974 Weight Watchers Cards. Just read it:

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Astounding email newsletters

Another entry in the "why I love email newsletters" bit. The difference between astonishingly good email newsletters and total crap is one thing:  Content.  If you just send people one interesting paragraph once a week — they will let you email them forever. Spend 5% of the effort you spend blogging on your newsletters and […]

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Will it blend?

This is so good. Blendtec, makers of high-end blenders, have created an amazing, buzzworthy site: They grind up iPhones, glowsticks, golf balls, and more. It’s a ton of fun, incredibly viral, and well-done.  Most important: It’s relevant. It showcases the product and demonstrates it’s key selling proposition. So many viral stunts are stupid or […]

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Wal-Mart lets 1.3 million employees post reviews

Who knows more about products than a stores’ salespeople? Wal-Mart employees are now encouraged to post reviews of products on  More important, they do it the right way, with an icon next to each employee review, so you know exactly who it’s coming from.  Here’s an example. (Tech provided by BazaarVoice, where I’m an […]

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Big Idea: Making Customer Service Sharable

How can your customers tell a friend about a great customer service moment?  You help them out on the phone, then the call is over.  If it went badly, the customer yells and blogs.  If it went well, nobody ever knows. Here’s how to make customer service sharable: You get word of mouth when you […]

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