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Toys R Us

Susan Gunelius writes about the improved Toys R Us logo.  I suggest that Toys R Us may want to focus on other essential brand-building tactics: Mop your floors Take out the garbage Place products on shelves, in a logical order, neatly Fix broken lights, shelves, doors, carts …. well, fix all your broken crap How […]

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Is it really you?

1. A bad ad:  One that fails the "logo test" — could you replace your logo with a competitor’s and still use the ad? John Moore provides a great example with the new Starbucks ads, which could easily be for Caribou Coffee (look here).  Car companies fail this test all the time. 2. A bad […]

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Google slams PayPerPost

According to TechCrunch and MarketingVox: Some bloggers participating in PayPerPost’s program have found their site PageRanks lowered to virtual obsolescence by Google in the past week. … A lower PageRank means affected sites will no longer appear anywhere near the top of relevant search results. Indeed, many harmed bloggers have been relegated to the hinterlands […]

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Take care of the friends of your friends

I ran a word of mouth workshop this week for AMO (the laser vision correction people) at the annual American Academy of Ophthalmology conference. After my keynote we did small-group brainstorming to come up with word of mouth marketing ideas. My favorite: When you get Lasik, you need to bring a friend to drive you home. […]

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A 3-year-old explains “branding”

Take a listen to my son Charlie explaining why 2 books are the same "brand" (he used that word himself, I started recording.)  The fantastic books that he is talking about are: Download the MP3 file

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Break out!

Take a look at this totally original web site to promote this book by Miranda July. Who says a web site needs nav bars, animation … or even structure? Free your mind!

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Audio from the Personal Branding Summit

I participated in a great, free, teleconference at the Personal Branding Summit called: “Evangelizing Evangelists to Build a Business and Build Your Brand” with Guy Kawasaki, Krishna De, Tim DeMello, John Jantsch and Andy Sernovitz. It was a fun, informative discussion. Download the audio

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Word of mouth marketing: A $1 billion business

We we started the Word of Mouth Marketing Association just 3 years ago, we told everyone that it was going to be a huge business. Now we have some proof. According to a new report from PQ Media released at the WOMMA Summit: Spending on word-of-mouth (WoM) marketing jumped 35.9% in 2006 to $981.0 million […]

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Cheers vs. a Drive-By

There was a comment on this blog the other day that basically said when marketers comment on a blog “if they disclose that they work for a company, won’t that make people hate the company?” The opposite is so true. The more people see your company out there in blogs and message boards, commenting, participating, and generally being […]

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