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Is it really you?

1. A bad ad:  One that fails the "logo test" — could you replace your logo with a competitor’s and still use the ad? John Moore provides a great example with the new Starbucks ads, which could easily be for Caribou Coffee (look here).  Car companies fail this test all the time. 2. A bad […]

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Google slams PayPerPost

According to TechCrunch and MarketingVox: Some bloggers participating in PayPerPost’s program have found their site PageRanks lowered to virtual obsolescence by Google in the past week. … A lower PageRank means affected sites will no longer appear anywhere near the top of relevant search results. Indeed, many harmed bloggers have been relegated to the hinterlands […]

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Take care of the friends of your friends

I ran a word of mouth workshop this week for AMO (the laser vision correction people) at the annual American Academy of Ophthalmology conference. After my keynote we did small-group brainstorming to come up with word of mouth marketing ideas. My favorite: When you get Lasik, you need to bring a friend to drive you home. […]

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A 3-year-old explains “branding”

Take a listen to my son Charlie explaining why 2 books are the same "brand" (he used that word himself, I started recording.)  The fantastic books that he is talking about are: Download the MP3 file

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Break out!

Take a look at this totally original web site to promote this book by Miranda July. Who says a web site needs nav bars, animation … or even structure? Free your mind!

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Audio from the Personal Branding Summit

I participated in a great, free, teleconference at the Personal Branding Summit called: “Evangelizing Evangelists to Build a Business and Build Your Brand” with Guy Kawasaki, Krishna De, Tim DeMello, John Jantsch and Andy Sernovitz. It was a fun, informative discussion. Download the audio

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Word of mouth marketing: A $1 billion business

We we started the Word of Mouth Marketing Association just 3 years ago, we told everyone that it was going to be a huge business. Now we have some proof. According to a new report from PQ Media released at the WOMMA Summit: Spending on word-of-mouth (WoM) marketing jumped 35.9% in 2006 to $981.0 million […]

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Cheers vs. a Drive-By

There was a comment on this blog the other day that basically said when marketers comment on a blog “if they disclose that they work for a company, won’t that make people hate the company?” The opposite is so true. The more people see your company out there in blogs and message boards, commenting, participating, and generally being […]

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50 Reasons Why: A brainstorming toy

I love this amazing brainstorming tool from Wowza.  Use it to break through writer’s block and get new ideas.  It combines interesting quotes and Flickr photos in unexpected ways. Check it out here.

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